(Micro)biology in Bloomsbury

October’s TB Journal Club will focus on a paper attempting to answer some fundamental questions about the biology of TB and similar pathogens. How do intracellular bacteria, such as M. tuberculosis, survive for decades within cells? What adaptations do host cell and bacteria go through? How can we study this?

Paper: Vazquez et al. Experimental selection of long-term intracellular mycobacteria. Cell Microbiol 2014; 16(9): 1425-40. (available here)

Presenter: Karolina Witt, QMUL

Chair: Tim McHugh, Centre for Clinical Microbiology, UCL

Time: 1-2pm on Thursday 23 October

Venue: Duncan Catterall Seminar Room, Mortimer Market Centre

The Duncan Catterall Seminar Room is in the basement of the Mortimer Market Centre, which is off Capper Street (details here). All welcome.

** If you are interested in this, you may be interested in a day long meeting about MTB Transmission on the 11 November – you can register here **


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