Come to December’s TB Journal Club

Can M. tuberculosis accumulate mutations in bursts? If so, what does this mean for molecular epidemiology? Join us to discuss sequencing, evolution, transmission chains and MTB’s molecular clock.

Paper: Pérez-Lago et al. Whole genome sequencing analysis of intrapatient microevolution in Mycobacterium tuberculosis: potential impact on the inference of tuberculosis transmission. J Infect Dis 2014; 209(1): 98-108. (available here)
Presenter: Hollie Hatherell, Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology, UCL
Chair: Ibrahim Abubakar, Centre for Infectious Disease Epidemiology, UCL
Time: 4-5pm, 17 December 2014 (pub afterwards)
Venue: Duncan Catterall Seminar Room, Mortimer Market Centre

The Duncan Catterall Seminar Room is in the basement of the Mortimer Market Centre, which is off Capper Street (details here). All welcome.


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