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September ’19: Can anyone be successfully treated with a 4-month regimen?

September Journal Club at the MRC CTU : “A patient-level pooled analysis of treatment shortening regimens for drug-susceptible pulmonary tuberculosis” – Imperial et al, Nature Medicine, November 2018

Three recent trials using 4-month, moxifloxacin containing regimens failed to show non-inferiority in comparison to 6 months of standard HRZE therapy in patients with smear positive, drug sensitive tuberculosis. In this paper Imperial and colleagues re-analysed data from 3,405 participants in these trials to identify populations eligible for 4-month treatment, define phenotypes that are hard to treat and evaluate the impact of adherence and dosing strategy on outcomes.

Please join us at the MRC CTU for a critical discussion of this paper and debate around whether it is time to reconsider the one-size fits all approach to TB management in favour of a stratified medicine approach.

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