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The North London TB Journal Club continues to host monthly meeting across our regular sites. A full calendar will be available for the Academic year of 2018-2019.

Up Next: Medicins Sans Frontieres are holding the JC on Tuesday 16th July 2019. Click here for full details.

The start of the Academic year 2018-19 has seen JCs held at MSF, the Francis Crick Institute and the MRC Clinical Trial Unit.

Please Click on the link or go to the ‘upcoming events‘ page, for full details of all upcoming events.

We look forward to meeting you all in May!

For further information, queries or enquiries regarding joining our mailing list please see ‘contact ‘ page of the website.



Summer break


JUNE 2019 – Hosted by: LSHTM

MAY 2019 – Hosted by: LSHTM

APRIL 2019 – Hosted by: St. Mary’s Hospital

MARCH 2018 Hosted by: UCL-Tb

JANUARY 2019 – Hosted by: UCL-Tb

DECEMBER, 2018. Hosted by: The MRC Clinical Trials Unit

NOVEMBER, 2018. Hosted by: The Francis Crick Institute.

OCTOBER, 2018. Hosted by: MSF.